Sandy & Oscar

To someone special….

First and foremost, thank you for reading our letter.  We would be grateful for the opportunity, if you choose us as adoptive parents. There is nothing we want more in this world than to become parents and we cannot wait to begin this journey!

Sandy and Oscar Adoptive Parents

It seems like a fairy tale story to start off by saying that it started long ago. Back in high school there were two students from different schools uniting together for summer school; one football player needing a passing grade and the other just wanting to meet new people. We were 15 and 16 years old when we met that summer. Becoming high school sweethearts, Sandy went to most of Oscar’s football and volleyball games and we each attended each other’s winter formal dance. After nine months of dating we went our separate ways.

It wasn’t until social media became so popular, that Sandy was able to reconnect with Oscar through a mutual friend. Eleven years later, we found each other again, and immediately fell in love. We became exclusive on a 4th of July. A year later became engaged on 4th of July and to everyone’s shock we married the year after on 4th of July! Our wedding was intimate with our closest family and friends. Everyone enjoyed the surprise firework show that night.

Sandy and Oscar Adoptive Parents

After returning from our wonderful honeymoon in the Bahamas, we purchased our home where memories would be created and where we planned to start our new family. With God’s blessing, we were able to purchase our home in a quiet gated community, in a safe neighborhood with a child friendly playground outside. Our house has three bedrooms, three baths and it is comfortable, spacious and has a nice backyard; perfect for playing outside. Together, we have completely renovated the home, making it “our own” with new flooring, fresh paint and a new kitchen. We have a comfortable master bedroom and a guest room for our friends and family. The third and final room is in fact the most exciting as we wait for the room to be completely decorated with a theme that should surely bring a smile to our new bundle of joy.

For the last couple of years, we have begun a family tradition of hosting holiday events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. In the kitchen, we enjoy cooking turkey, pozole, tamales and Oscars mom’s famous homemade pasta. We end the night in the dining room by playing long held family loteria (Spanish bingo), where our families unite as one and gather together to converse, eat, play and laugh. On Christmas Eve, our families also enjoy conversing in the living room next to our 9-foot tree that Sandy enjoys decorating each year for the children.

Sandy and Oscar Adoptive Parents

In our spare time, we enjoy hiking with our dog Nala, a beautiful three year old Husky with a sweet personality. Whenever we take her hiking, to the dog park or dog beach, people always comment on how sweet and loving she is, especially with children.  In the summertime, we enjoy barbecues at home where Oscar is known for his famous carne asada tacos. We also travel and visit new places such as Costa Rica, Mexico, The Bahamas, Maryland and Las Vegas.

Working as a Clinical Supervisor at a mental health agency, Sandy dedicates her time to helping children, adolescents and their families with mental illness by providing individual and family therapy in the office and out in the field (home, school and in the community).  She also supervises and trains newly hired staff and interns (on a weekly) basis and facilitates group supervision/team meetings regularly. With over 15 years of experience in the mental health field, it has always been Sandy’s passion to help people and going to work every day is very rewarding for her.

Oscar is a machinist at a metal gear shop where he makes precision parts for Space X, Boeing, and other government facilities. His main passion is being with his family. Being that his mother was a cancer survivor, he tries his best to keep his family in shape and on track health wise. Another great passion of his is learning to fix everything. When Oscar puts his mind to something he always finds a way. He is creative and hardworking and there is nothing to stop him from getting it accomplished.

Sandy and Oscar Adoptive Parents

The two of us are proud aunt and uncle to six nieces and nephews between the ages of 1 and 7. Both of our parents live less than five minutes from one another.  Because family is so important, we make time to visit each other’s parents every week and get together for brunch. Sandy has one younger brother who is a police officer, is married, and has a daughter. Oscar has two younger siblings. His sister, an accountant, is married with two children. Oscar’s brother, also a machinist, is married and has three children. Our families are excited that we are adopting and cannot wait to see our family grow.

We are honored that you have taken the time to read our letter. Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your baby and we hope to hear from you soon.