Locke & Donato

Hello from Locke & Donato!

We’re Locke (the tall, blonde fellow) and Donato (the shorter bushy-bearded one), and we’ve been together for a few years now. Our relationship is warm, brimming with laughter and a deep connection to one another and our values. We talk openly, laugh heartily, and love to go exploring. Engaged to be married in early 2018, we’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to expand our family. Maybe you can help us?

LOCKE and DONATO happy couple

A few years ago, after a steady string of wayward glances and missed opportunities, Locke finally pushed the issue on our longstanding Facebook friendship. He asked Donato out directly. Locke would say it was to finally stop the endless back and forth of “liking” one another’s photos in passing, but regardless, it worked!  One date to “The LEGO Movie”, and we’ve been close ever since.

LOCKE and DONATO loving family

The two of us are big explorers. In fact, early dates of ours were dubbed “adventures” to set them apart from simple dinner and movie nights. A ferry ride to Catalina Island and golf-carting to the top to watch the sun set? Check. Waking up early, just to drive up to neighboring Big Bear Mountain and have breakfast in a snow-covered diner? Sure! Ice Skating? Kayaking? And don’t get Locke started on Disneyland… he’s a season pass holder and he jumps at any opportunity to go.

We’re fortunate enough to own two homes here in Los Angeles–a rental property, and another home which we currently live in and renovated to increase a bedroom, add an office and a bathroom, and update windows and insulation. All centers around a large living room with bright windows and a fireplace that Locke loves to use around Christmas. The baby’s room is a blank slate for the time being—we’re keeping our options open.

Our home is located near the place Donato grew up. There are views of the neighborhood from our hillside front and back yards and several local parks with playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts. We have two dopey dogs, Kevin & Georgie, who are quick to cuddle and just as quick to steal a kiss. In a short 15 minute walk around our neighborhood you can take in the Marina del Rey Coastline, all of South Los Angeles, Downtown LA, and into Hollywood and the Hills behind it (including that famous sign!).

LOCKE and DONATO having a good time

Donato’s the oldest of three siblings and part of a large extended family. Holiday gatherings can see upwards of a few dozen relatives coming together. Just this last Thanksgiving (the first we played host for) had four turkeys and a ham with little to show by way of leftovers come the end of the evening.

Locke, on the other hand, comes from a smaller family out of the Seattle area. His parents recently joined us for holidays and family vacations. We shared a birthday trip last year and had a big family campout at Glamis Sand Dunes where we spent the weekend barbecuing, and riding ATVs and Quads through the sand dunes. It was very special for the both of us and a longstanding tradition in Donato’s family that we plan to continue. Our many trips include a few visits to the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, Seattle, the Grand Canyon, and countless road and weekend excursions in the Southern California area.

Professionally, we both work in the entertainment business. Donato manages a large photo and film studio in the heart of Hollywood. He puts his big smile and people skills to work, managing all walks of client and celebrity across the several stages he runs. You know those giant white rooms that you often see a person standing in in commercials these days? He’s the guy you talk to for one of those.

An art coordinator for television commercials, Locke is basically the guy that fills that white room with stuff—be it a giant robotic teddy bear, a submarine breaking sea ice, or a cannon that shoots hundreds of rubber ducks (all real work he’s done). Suffice to say, our jobs are always interesting and full of new and exciting projects to tackle.

As a unit, we’re both individual and complementary. Locke loves to learn and is guided by following things to their logical end; he’s the kind of guy who reads an instruction booklet before putting something together. He’s also a kid at heart and can’t help but pick up a sci-fi novel, comic book or video game too. He’s always imagining big ideas and goofy stories… or baking. Cookies, pies, breads, cinnamon rolls… you name it!

Donato is more of your “dive in and slap the screws together” type of guy. He grew up watching his dad work on autos and that fostered a passion for Classic Cars. He’s owned a ‘57 Lincoln Premier, a ‘58 Ford Fairlane, and many others. Currently we have a topless orange 1973 Chevy Blazer that we take out on cruises along the Pacific Coast Highway when it’s warm. Donato always has a big smile on his face that matches his personality. He’s the first person to introduce himself to strangers and happy to strike up a conversation or deliver a joke with a wink of the eye.

If you need an oil change, Donato’s your guy. If you want help with a math problem, Locke will happily step in to explain it to you. Need tea party guests or nails to paint? We know a couple guys… And if you need a shoulder to lean on, or a sympathetic ear to listen, we’ll both step up for the opportunity. We’re kinda big softies like that… and we’re big fans of hugs. And in our relationships – both personal and social – we put great value in honest and open communication. Both of us value integrity and following through on promises. Most importantly we put tremendous stock in empathy; understanding another side of an issue or a differing opinion. It is not us against the world, it’s us working with the world. And that’s an important ideal we want to instill in any child we would raise.


LOCKE and DONATO enjoying the outdoors

We hope to provide your child with a warm and loving family space; full of doting grandparents, birthday parties and family vacations. It’s important to us that your child knows about you, and your courageous decision from the get go. It’s a part of their story that we want to honor, and we respect the entirety of it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. We truly hope that you will consider us to be a good fit and we wish you the very best, and both of us hope to hear from you soon.