Laura and Brian
Successfully Matched!


To Someone Special,

Thank you for reading this letter. Our names are Laura and Brian and we are truly looking forward to becoming parents one day. Until then we are embracing our future parenthood with full and open hearts. We’re fortunate to share a committed marriage full of love, laughter, and trust. It is our dream to help your baby develop into a healthy, happy adult who feels loved and who is able to give love. The two of us also plan to teach your baby about his or her heritage, both biological and adoptive, so that he or she might have a positive sense of identity and feel whole and complete. To that end we’re committed to raising your baby with the same values and experiences that we were raised with such as understanding the value of being a part of a family, respect for different cultures, exploring new places and faith in God. Both of us were raised with endless unconditional love from our parents and we promise you that your baby will also be raised with that same lifelong gift.

Our first date was at a Starbucks and we honestly chatted the whole evening! Laura was drawn to Brian’s quiet confidence and Brian was attracted to her energetic and caring personality.  It was only when we heard the loudly stacking of patio chairs that we realized it was closing time! We could have talked hours more. It was definitely exciting to meet someone new and to be so comfortable in each other’s presence. That night we realized that we had a special connection. We were happily married in 2009. Our wedding was intimate and took place in our local wine county. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception with close family and friends. We had our honeymoon in San Francisco a city where Laura used to live and which she still adores.

Together we own a condo in a lovely suburb of Southern California. There are two bedrooms upstairs and a nice living room downstairs. Laura has created a charming flower garden in our front patio. Our home is decorated with a combination of flea market finds and Pottery Barn accents. When people visit us they comment that our home feels very warm and cozy, which is a great compliment. Our room for your baby is painted a bright yellow and has white shutters. Laura has picked out sweet accessories with the accent colors of turquoise and red. When guests visit we congregate in the living room where we have a very comfortable couch, two rocking chairs and a large coffee table stocked with an array of treats to snack on.

Our neighborhood feels safe and is family oriented, with tree-lined streets, a town square and parks within walking distance.  Both of us look forward to raising a child in our town with it’s excellent and nearby elementary school. We also have a small, child friendly, dog named Sierra who is a rescue and a Chihuahua/terrier mix. She brings a smile to everyone she meets.

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At the moment, Laura works as a supervisor who oversees volunteers who advocate for foster care children in dependency court. She has always worked in a school or non-profit setting and likes working hands on with children. Once we become parents, our goal is to have Laura be a full time stay at home mom. Brian works for a large insurance company in their telecommunications department. It’s a fast paced business and Brian can work from home two days a week. He has always worked in the technical arena and really enjoys solving technical challenges. The more difficult and challenging, the more he likes them.

Laura is sweet and generous and is always doing nice things for those who are important to her. She has a good sense of humor and quickly puts others at ease. Brian has a lot of patience and is an incredibly compassionate person. In our family life, he is completely dedicated, always putting everyone’s needs before his own. He is a critical thinker and very organized. His favorite store is the Container Store, if that tells you something! Laura, on the other hand, is not so organized and very much a free thinker. We both make each other laugh at our differences and find comfort in our similarities. People tell us that we’re a good team.

Finding it relaxing to tend to her flower garden and baking desserts for special occasions, Laura is known for her spice cake with cream cheese frosting made from scratch (which is a hit but her annual sugar Christmas cookies are a holiday favorite with family!) She also enjoys reading light-hearted books and shopping for bargains at Target, Marshall’s and Nordstrom Rack. Laura also chats with her sister and they talk practically every day. She also enjoys how Facebook makes it easy to keep up with family on the East coast, Australia, Norway and Germany.

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Brian is an avid fencer who picked up his fencing hobby after attending an open epee lesson held at a local YMCA when he lived in Boston. He enjoys the strategic thinking combined with the fast movements involved in fencing bouts. Brian fences weekly at a local club and occasionally competes in local tournaments. Another favorite pastime of Brian’s is seeing movies. His favorite movies are the “Bourne Identity” and the James Bond series films, not to mention underdog sports movies based on true stories, such as “Remembering the Titans.” Brian is also Starbucks’ best customer and he always starts his day off with their iced coffee.

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We both really enjoy spending time together and have a good time at pretty much everything we do; whether it be running errands together or a day of fun. We like taking walks together, watching movies and visiting a local art and garden museum together. Our favorite television shows are the Amazing Race (which fuels our love for travel), Top Chef (inspiration for our own cooking), and Suits (…just because it’s fun!). We also enjoy camping and being in the outdoors.

Together, the two of us have traveled to San Francisco, Seattle, Yosemite, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, the Bahamas and Chile. A couple great memories we have…in Hawaii, we were able to hike down to the bottom of an inactive volcano crater. While visiting Chile, in just one day we went zip-lining in a forest, white water rafting down a river in the afternoon and swimming in mountain hot springs that evening! Individually, we have both been to Europe but we haven’t traveled there together but we hope to travel as a family soon. One of our favorite places to go locally is Cambria, a small town on the central California coast. We enjoy taking our dog, eating pizza, walking by the beach and doing a puzzle in our hotel room. If we ever win the lottery we would buy a vacation home there to share with our family and friends. It is a special place that we see as having where we will be making a lot of family memories in the future.

We are very fortunate to live close to our immediate families.  Laura has an older sister and a younger brother, who she considers to be her best friends (besides Brian, of course!) Her father passed away from cancer almost ten years ago but her mom remains a close part of our lives. Brian’s parents divorced when he was three.  Both parents remarried and have long-term marriages. Brian has a younger half-brother and a half-sister, and Brian cares for them deeply. We are also the proud aunt and uncle to a four year-old nephew, a two year-old niece and a two month old baby girl! These children bring our families absolute joy and we continue to marvel at their individual cuteness. We see them all frequently.

All of our family members and friends have wholeheartedly embraced our adoption journey and they can’t wait (nor can we for that matter!) to welcome your baby into our family. We respect the enormity of the decisions you have to make, and the both of us can only hope that this letter provides you with encouragement and assurance along the way. We are open to answer any questions you may have about our lives and we’d be happy to meet you in person if you’d like.  Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents for your baby. The two of us hope to hear from you soon.