Kathy and Bill
Successfully Matched!


To a Very Special Lady,

We are excited to begin this journey to meet you.  Our hearts are full of admiration and respect for the loving and selfless gift of life you are giving to the child you carry and we wish to honor that love by providing a warm, nurturing and loving family for your baby. Nothing could make us happier than to welcome your baby into our family.

We are Kathy and Bill. The two of us met at a football social at church and dated for two years before our great romantic trip to Paris, where Bill proposed at sunset on a beautiful golden bridge. We were married the following year, and in 2003 we were blessed by the birth of our son, Alex. When we first set out together, we had hoped for a big family so that our children could enjoy the wonderful experiences that we had growing up with brothers and sisters. But sadly, we are unable to carry another pregnancy to term. Still, our hearts yearn for another child to love and we are excited to grow our family through the blessing of adoption. Becoming a mom and dad has brought out the best in each of us and brought so much joy into our lives. We feel that our hearts and our home have a whole lot of extra love to share. As experienced parents, we’ll provide your baby with lots of love and hugs, tons of laughter and joy, kisses for boo-boos and fun adventures.

The two of us are financially stable and responsible.  Our home is a two-story, three bedroom, two bath, Cape Cod style house, a mile from the water in a southern California beach community. The house feels cozy and tranquil, and is a popular gathering place for play-dates with the neighboring kids.

Together, we make a great cooking team and enjoy hosting backyard barbecues, beach outings, and trips up to the mountains with our friends and their children. The neighborhood is filled with families from many cultures, and we enjoy sharing each others traditions. On a warm summer day, all you have to do is turn on a hose or sprinkler and a team of children will start to play, grown-ups will gather ’round and an impromptu block party begins.

Although Bill spends his workdays as an electrical engineer designing communications satellites, his true passion lies in taking pictures of friends and family, especially the kids. Bill is very handy and can fix anything from appliances to plumbing. He is easy going, loving, kind-hearted and an affectionate father. We often visit Bill’s family in Ohio in the summer and the cousins, aunts and uncles all have a great time hosting barbecues and taking the kids to fun places like the zoo, the city pool or the bowling alley, or just catching fireflies in the back yard!

Kathy’s friendly, big-hearted and outgoing personality make her a natural choice for block party captain. She enjoys bringing people together, welcoming new neighbors, and organizing playdates. Though she grew up in New Jersey, Kathy rallies her family together for reunions in Hawaii, Palm Springs, Las Vegas and the Victorian seaside town of Cape May. While Kathy volunteers in the classroom and loves looking after little ones, her heart is happiest when our home is full of the laughter of children. Kathy grew up speaking Spanish and spent summers visiting her grandmother and cousins in Spain.

In her work as a psychologist, Kathy has a way of always finding the silver lining and seeing the best in people. When the baby comes, Kathy plans to take an extended leave. She is blessed with having the option of returning to work part-time at the public mental health clinic, but being a mom is her first priority!

Alex is currently into Star Wars and Legos and likes to play soccer and basketball. He has always been a happy boy who gets along easily with classmates and friends, both girls and boys. Alex longs to be a big brother so he can have someone to love and protect and play with his whole life long. He and his dad enjoy playing silly games and exploring the shoreline at the beach; he also likes to help mom cook.

We’d be happy to provide you with reassurance, updates and photos if that is what you want. We want this child to know as much about you as you are comfortable sharing, your personality, likes and interests …but the two of us also want to respect your privacy. Above all, we want this child to know of your great and self-less love.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We are honored that you are considering us as a family for your baby.

We wish you all the best,
Kathy Bill and Alex