Jennifer & Albert

We are Jennifer and Albert.  It was an unlikely setting where we first met each other—the Disney Store in a local mall during the Christmas holiday.  In 2004, we married in a beautiful garden setting surrounded by family and friends.  In hopes of having a family, we moved into a lovely 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in a safe Southern California community.  Our home has a beautiful screened-in patio and fenced yard ideal for child’s play. Our home is close to excellent public and private schools allowing us to match a child’s needs with the offerings of a specific school.

jennifer and albert adoptive parents

In 2014, we adopted our beautiful daughter, Alyssa.  She attends a local preschool and she is a happy, confident, creative, and independent three-year old.  Among our favorite things to do with Alyssa, are trips to Disneyland, the National History Museum, California Science Center, Los Angeles Zoo, and Discovery Cube.  The Huntington Botanical Gardens, especially the Childrens’ Garden, hold a certain fascination for her.  From the water misters, fountains, and magnetic sand, to the rock-laden water path, Alyssa has fun immersing herself in water play.


Alyssa is looking forward to being a big sister.  She wants to share her toys, even her bedtime buddies Minnie and Mickey Mouse, with a younger brother or sister.  Splashing in the fountains of the Children’s Garden and visiting the zebras and crocodiles at the zoo would be even more fun with a sibling.

jennifer and albert adoptive parents

To promote her connection and communication with her birth parents, we send them letters and pictures twice a year and visit with them at least once a year.  Because her birth parents have artistic talent, Alyssa gravitates to craft projects.  In fact, her preschool teachers tell us that art/craft projects are her favorite activity at school.  Alyssa is very coordinated and loves her gymnastics and dance classes.

jennifer and albert adoptive parents

Albert attended local public schools and graduated from college with degrees in Engineering and English; he currently works as a civil engineer, planning and developing projects to secure water for communities across southern California.  He enjoys playing pick-up basketball games at local parks, golf, and other sports, as well as watching movies.


Jennifer has a law degree and a master’s degree in Public Policy; she is employed as a Program Manager at a health foundation that provides resources to nonprofit organizations working to build healthier communities in California.  She enjoys partnering with these organizations and communities to establish community gardens, strengthen local schools, implement youth arts programs and help families secure affordable housing.


As a couple, we are very connected to family and friends.  Jennifer’s mother is a psychologist who provides services to children, adolescents, and adults.  She adores being with her grandchildren—Alyssa, and our three nieces (ages three, ten and thirteen).  They enjoy baking cookies, doing crafts, and having sleepovers.  Our close family gets together often and we all attend the girls’ school activities as well as the older girls’ softball and basketball games.  They are looking forward to having a new cousin to play with.

jennifer and albert adoptive parents

When we can, we enjoy attending Dodgers and Lakers games, plays and musicals such as Wicked and The Lion King. We enjoy traveling; most recent trips have been within California, although we have visited New Orleans, Washington D.C., Hawaii, and Mexico in the past.  Our favorite vacation was our two-week long trip to Italy.  Both of us fell in love with Rome—its museums and beautiful piazzas, and especially the gelato shop down the street from the hotel!  As a family, we enjoy traveling and seeing different cultures, landmarks, enjoying the food, and all that goes with exploring new places.

The three of us can offer your child a loving, nurturing environment in which his or her individuality will be encouraged.  We’ll support creativity, value family and education, and will provide a safe environment for your child in which mistakes are seen as learning opportunities.  Both of us are easy-going and we surround ourselves with people like us.  Many family get-togethers take place at our home, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner, our New Year’s Day brunch, and family game nights.  Jennifer is the reigning UNO champion, and, as a testament to his artistic talents, everybody wants Albert on their Pictionary team.  We are looking forward to including another child in these family celebrations.

Responsible members of our community, we have financial ability to provide for a child’s needs and, more importantly, hearts filled with love for the child we will welcome into our home.  Both of us grew up in ethnically and culturally diverse environments and we count ourselves lucky to have friends and family from diverse backgrounds.  We will appreciate and honor the background of your child and will make sure to provide him or her with lots of opportunities for cultural enrichment.


Thank you for reading our letter.  We hope you will consider us as adoptive parents as you make your decision.