Eileen and Harry


We are Eileen and Harry.  What a blessing you are in every way!  You are a blessing to this baby and also a blessing to us.  The decision you are making is one of selflessness and undeniable love for your baby.  The two of us will never let your baby forget that if you select us to adopt.  By sharing a little about us, we hope you’ll find us to be a good match for you and your baby.

Eileen and Harry Adoptive Parents

The two of us met over a decade ago and married in 2011.  Mutual friends introduced us and soon we made an instant connection with each other’s sense of wonder and curiosity with trying new things.  It was also pretty hilarious that we had the same last name and drove the same type of car.  Our first date was eating crab at a mom and pop restaurant close to the beach where you had to eat with your hands.  It was memorable to us because it wasn’t your typical date. We had the opportunity to get to know each other and soak up the moment.  There was a lot of laughter that night and one thing we adore about each other is our sense of humor. Laughter in our marriage is a high priority. We also believe that the respect we have for one another and the open communication has added strength to our relationship.  But above all else, we believe our foundation in God and our faith is the reason why our relationship has worked and sustained our lives together.

Eileen and Harry Adoptive Parents

In addition to being big time foodies, the two of us like to travel.  Having been fortunate enough to travel to amazing countries like China, Japan, Europe, Canada and many states within the United States, both of us are certain that we will continue to expand our travels hopefully with the child we adopt. Whether we’re traveling or staying in town, we enjoy hanging out with family and friends on the weekend, watching movies, going to a Laker’s game (we’re season ticket holders) and finding activities that help us stay active.

Eileen is the most caring and loving person you will ever meet.  She values family life and the relationships she has with her friends, most of whom have been friends of hers since childhood.  She is loyal, very passionate and hardworking.  Artistic and creative ever since she was born, Eileen has a passion for fashion and anything creative.   She has designed for many prestigious designers in haute couture as well as women’s contemporary sportswear.  Her work has earned the trust of designers she has admired.  So much, that her favorite designer she worked for gifted and designed her wedding dress.  The two of us believe this act of kindness shows how much Eileen is respected and adored amongst those she has built relationships with.  She is currently into interior designing and she is constantly adding new elements to our home.  Eileen has dreamt about the day she could make our home perfect for a family.  There’s one room not yet decorated because she is hoping to fulfill that dream by bringing home your baby one day.  Eileen will make a great mother because she is fun loving, kind, patient and nurturing.

Harry is a man of integrity with the biggest heart you could ever imagine and is not shy about expressing his thoughts or feelings.  That’s actually one of his greatest traits.  He’ll tell you he loves you or cares about you and he’ll really mean it. In addition to being amazing with children, Harry enjoys anything sports related. Harry also likes good company and he’s a social person who will never say “no” to hanging out.  It’s amazing how Harry can make new friends wherever he goes.   This brings us to Harry’s job where he works as a Channel Account Manager.  His responsibilities include building relationships with customers and sales reps globally, and educating his team on the latest products. He gets to meet new people and build his network, which has helped him build his career. One of the perks of his job is traveling once in awhile and working from home.

Eileen and Harry Adoptive Parents

Our home in beautiful Southern California enjoys a view of the mountains and our neighborhood is peaceful, safe and quiet.  It’s the perfect place in which to raise children.  Newly renovated with an open concept where the living room, family room and kitchen is a big open space great for hosting meals and having people over.  Our house has two spacious bedrooms with two bathrooms.  The backyard is large and a great place for kids to play and explore.  The public schools nearby are all rated a perfect ten from elementary, middle and high school.  The Arboretum is near by where you can learn about plants and nature, along with local parks, a train depot where children can ride the train and a wilderness park with a nature center, picnicking space, animals and hiking trails.   We believe that exploring and learning in person is important and nothing would make us happier than to provide that life for your child.

Family is everything to us.  No two families are alike and we are a prime example of that.  We’ve both been blessed with many adopted children among our extended family.  Our nieces were adopted and it brings us so much joy and happiness that they are a part of our family.  Our family wouldn’t be the same without them and it’s amazing how much love they have to offer and how they’ve changed our lives for the better.  They taught us to love boldly and bigger.  They are angels sent from above and every time we see them, we’re reminded that we’re fully committed to adopting your beautiful baby and that it’s the best decision we will ever make.

Both of us like to keep family traditions, which include having family dinners at least two to three times a month.  Eileen has two older sisters who are her best friends and Harry has a younger sister.  Eileen can’t wait to add another cousin for her nephews and nieces to play with, but the most endearing is Harry’s mom who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild and we’re hoping her wish will soon come true.  Both families are traditional to an extent. We will celebrate holidays true to our culture like Chinese New Year, but not so traditional when it comes to opening our hearts up to new traditions we can build together as family.

Eileen and Harry Adoptive Parents

We’d be honored to meet you and we hope the feeling is mutual.  Both of us would like to get to know you better to learn about your qualities and your beautiful talents.  We want to share this openly and honestly with your baby and we would welcome having an ongoing relationship with you over the years. We are prepared to honor your wishes regarding what kind of contact feels most comfortable for you. Hopefully your search for adoptive parents will be a positive one and we wish the best for you and your baby.  Your considering adoption, as a choice for you and your baby is one of the most generous and courageous things you can do.  We’re excited with the hope that we might hear from you and maybe get the chance to meet you.