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Prospective Adoptive Families

Locke & Donato

Happily engaged couple dreams of bringing a child into our lives. We love going on adventures and day trips, telling stories that end in fits of laughter, and spending evening meals with our local extended family. We’re hoping to share it all and more with a child of our own.

Laura and Brian
Successfully Matched!

To Someone Special, Thank you for reading this letter. Our names are Laura and Brian and we are truly looking forward to becoming parents one day. Until then we are embracing our future parenthood with full and open hearts. We’re fortunate to share a committed marriage full of love, laughter, and trust. It is our…

Linda and Tom
Successfully Matched!

We are an active Southern California family that would provide a happy, loving home for your baby.  We are honored by the opportunity to share our story with you and hopeful that we will become part of your and your baby’s bright future.

Kathy and Bill
Successfully Matched!

Experienced, loving parents will provide bright, sunny future for your baby. Doting, protective big brother included. Warm, playful, affectionate, secure, Southern California beach family longs to share our hearts, home and abundant love. Nothing could make us happier than welcoming your baby into our family.

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Christen and Kevin
Successfully Matched!

We are a happily married couple and live in Southern California. Our dream is to share our love and happy home with a baby. Words can’t even begin to describe the joy the gift of a baby would bring to us…

Jennifer and Greg
Successfully Matched!

We are a happily married couple looking to bring a baby into our wonderful home. We live in Southern California, close to beautiful beaches and mountains. We can’t wait to share our lives with a child, giving opportunities of what is close by, as well as travels and adventures abroad.

Successfully Matched!

I’m a caring, compassionate, California woman hoping to open my heart and home to your baby. I will provide your child with fun, family, friends, financial security, love, laughter, adventure, travel and an exceptional education. Please click my photo to learn if I am the right choice for your baby.

Successfully Matched!

California “Teacher Mom” will provide happiness and security in a home full of love, friendly pets and supportive family. Safe environment offers best of everything, including excellent schools and frequent trips to Disneyland.

Julie and Bob
Successfully Matched!

A fun-loving and active family is excited to bring another child into our home where we will offer endless love and opportunities throughout their life. Our 2 year old daughter, Jillian, can’t wait to have a little sister or brother join her. We would be honored as your choice!

Noelle and Peter
Successfully Matched!

Loving California couple offers your baby a loving & laughter filled home. Three-year old Francesca can’t wait to be a big sister. We want to give your baby everything you would if you could. Please read our letter to see if our family would be right for your baby.