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Some people call it the hardest decision in the world.

You’re pregnant. For whatever reason, you know in your heart that you can’t give the new life you’re nurturing within you the home and quality of life it deserves.  Maybe you’ve considered abortion but are looking for abortion alternatives.  Adoption is an alternative to abortion and a loving choice for many women.

What’s the best choice for you and your baby? There are women who will choose abortion. That decision is between them and their conscience.  But there is another option. It may be as tear-filled as it is joyous. It’s the happy, giggling, kicking, crying, loving choice of life. It’s your choice.

Not too many years ago, if a woman decided to “give her baby up for adoption,” it meant just that. She had no choice. She rarely knew anything about the adoptive parents. Today, thankfully, the laws have changed. Now, there is “Independent Adoption”  and “Identified Agency Placement Adoption.”  The birth mother chooses who will adopt her precious baby. If the birth father wishes to be involved in this process, he can also participate with you in choosing adoptive parents and making an adoption plan.

The adoptive parents you choose may pay for your doctors, prenatal care, hospital stay, living expenses, maternity clothes, travel costs, and legal fees. It’s all part of what is called an Adoption Plan. What it means to you, the birth mother, is that you are in charge of your life. You control who will raise, nurture, educate, and love your baby. The choice is yours!

Making an adoption plan is, in many instances, the most reasonable decision a birth parent can make. It is often the choice that proves to be best for the baby to be born. It is also beneficial for the woman who may be unprepared at that stage in her life to give up her career, her schooling, or her freedom for the full-time responsibilities of parenting a child. With our help, you will always be able to look upon your adoption plan with contentment and feel good about your decision.

The many, many birth mothers we have helped in the past tell us that they appreciate the courtesy we show them in our dealings, as well as our commitment to honoring promises made. My staff and I are dedicated to doing the right thing. We have always and continue to be committed to providing birth parents like you with the attention and guidance that you may desire and that you certainly deserve. We hope you can be proud of the loving and positive decisions you might make in creating an adoption plan for your baby. I am also available to speak with any members of your family or of the birthfather’s family about the independent adoption process, if you wish every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day.

Please call me—there is no commitment or obligation in just talking and sometimes, as I am sure you know, it is helpful to talk to someone outside of the circle of your friends and family–someone who can be more impartial. My staff and I are here, as we have always been here, for countless other birth parents, to help you make the best possible decision for you and for your baby.

Perhaps it is because of our reputation that obstetricians refer their patients to our office. Also, former birth mothers send their friends who get pregnant and who want to make an adoption plan for their baby to our office. If you’d like to find out more about making an adoption plan for your baby, and about how we can help you in your quest to do the right thing, we’re a free phone call away. You do not have to go through this alone.

Warmest regards,

David H. Baum